Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Searchlights & Suspects

This is a new KtV song. Hasn't been released or nothin'.

Manic mind state pills create panic crime rate kills
eyes dilate; planet vibrates n' sits still
why wait 'til the thumbs up/green light?
Dumbstruck don't seem right;
Still tryin' to get they dump truck unstuck each night

Cheap life/sex sells half price/damaged goods/ beat wife
Three strikes, caught you one mo' 'gin with that peace pipe/sleep tight
Dirt bags are we; had me hooked from the first drag; I'm free
Sold my birth tags now I curse at the street/lurk past the scene

Work fast as thieves; hound dogs turned loose after me
Heard the news; didn't know which words to use; stashed the key
Gravity shakes now, broke loose; atrophy/break down
Point at what ain't there; blank stare, passively make rounds

Seven mile pile-up; sitting ducks single file, stuck
Car wreck, scarred flesh, the hard rest has defiled us
Garbage in the wild dust blowing halos 'round these angels
Harvest moon plays us all like puppets 'fore the day folds

Brain doesn't work right, trust what my gut says
Sleep every third night, search lights and suspects
Our hands have earned stripes, X's marked blood-red
Bonfires burn bright, search lights and suspects


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